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Leave no stone unturned
Your home is your sanctuary, your escape from the outside world. We'll help you care and protect it. You won't have to call us to change your light bulbs; fix the hot water heater so you can enjoy a warm bath after a long day at work; or ensure the stove works so you can cook special meals for your family. The only call you'll ever need to make is to let us know how well we're doing.

Modena Care is a unique preventive programme which ensures that your full-serviced residences and state-of-the-art appliances are safe, thoroughly well-kept and maintained in consistently excellent condition - from conducting regular maintenance checks on your air conditioners to shampooing of your carpets. Our dedicated team of Modena Care Specialists and engineers will conduct random checks to make sure you get only the best quality furnishings and well-stocked amenities, at all times.